Thanks, Fellow Teamsters!

What a thrill to open up the current Newsreel of Teamsters Local 399 and see the article about  IT TAKES MORE THAN A DONUT TO MAKE A MOVIE a book which celebrates EVERY Teamster, and the hardworking men and women of Local 399.

Many Thanks to Amy Groton, and the great 399 Team, including Pres. Wes Ponsford, Steve Dayan, Ed Duffy and many others who helped make this possible! In the Newsreel there are many other stories & news items about the cool people in this part of the movie business, with Ice-Road Truckers, news about the next Fast & Furious (fun stories in the book about making the first couple of those) our new mobile app and much more.


If you’re interested, check out the article here, and fellow movie crew, shoot me your movie stories:, it’s been one of the joys of writing the book to hear colleagues stories of the wild, weird and wacky while on the set

#morethanadonut, @local399, #davidmarder


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